Recommended Reading

Green Bean tells us more about John Ronan‘s Gary Comer Youth Center here.

I’ve begun reading Toward a Bioregional State: A Series of Letters About Political Theory and Formal Institutional Design in the Era of Sustainability by Mark D. Whitaker whose blog associated with the text can be found here. I also came across Sustainability through Permaculture , “Exploring the meaning and significance of sustainability and various sustainability initiatives and how they relate to urban permaculture in the midwest.”


As you may or may not have already read, the History Channel is featuring The City of the Future compeition. The first round (invited) was held in 3 cities (NYC, Chicago, LA) and the winners of each of those winners are now in competition against each other. Vote here for your favorite until February 2.
ARO:Architecture Research Office New York:


Urban Lab Chicago :

Eric Owen Moss Architects Los Angeles:

I managed to pick up the current issue (Summer 2006) of Log Magazine at Prairie Avenue.
Log 8 CoverThe kitschy pine tree air freshener included in the packaging adds a little tongue in cheek to the meatier contents. For $10, I think it’s a steal. This issue focuses on a variety of issues and resolutions going on in the realm of architecture and planning.