December 2006

Nick over at Bullet tells me about Bat House Project (WARNING! FLYING BATS)British artist Jeremy Deller’s latest project has just launched… The project will culminate inbat houses being built on the edges of London. A nice meeting betweencontemporary art architecture and conservation.batboxes.jpgThanks Nick!


Good news for the development team of Atlantic yards- a state board approved the $4 billion Brooklyn development yesterday.“The Atlantic Yards project, two years in development, will create tens of thousands of construction jobs and thousands of permanent jobs, and bring professional sports back to Brooklyn for the first time since the departure of the Dodgers to Los Angeles nearly 50 years ago,” said Gov. George Pataki.Gehry's Nets ArenaView of Gehry’s model for Nets stadium.Read more here, and the statement from the team.

Here is my second installment in the comparative discussion of Atlantic Yards and a similar development project I pursued in school. You can see the part 1 here.Water TreatmentIn our academic proposal, we considered what to do with waste water and stormwater runoff. For dealing with sewage, we proposed the implementation of a Living Machine.Living Machine DiagramDiagram of living machineImage of Living MachineImage of aerobic treatment tanks (more…)

I managed to pick up the current issue (Summer 2006) of Log Magazine at Prairie Avenue.
Log 8 CoverThe kitschy pine tree air freshener included in the packaging adds a little tongue in cheek to the meatier contents. For $10, I think it’s a steal. This issue focuses on a variety of issues and resolutions going on in the realm of architecture and planning.