January 2007

Architectural Record reports on recent developments and concerns over at Atlantic Yards.070124gehry1lg.jpg
I would have to agree with Gehry’s opinion that “the project would be more successful if parts were farmed out to other architects, permitting a variety of styles more akin to an authentic cityscape.” This is the case for most developments – part of the appeal of cities is the diversity, not only of people, but of spaces and contexts. Having worked on larger developments, it is difficult for one office to produce successful variety in it’s designs. Design has a certain inertia, and once one establishes a particular style or approach to a site, aesthetic diversity is near impossible without it becoming some strange stage coach city.


Green Bean tells us more about John Ronan‘s Gary Comer Youth Center here.

I’ve begun reading Toward a Bioregional State: A Series of Letters About Political Theory and Formal Institutional Design in the Era of Sustainability by Mark D. Whitaker whose blog associated with the text can be found here. I also came across Sustainability through Permaculture , “Exploring the meaning and significance of sustainability and various sustainability initiatives and how they relate to urban permaculture in the midwest.”

As you may or may not have already read, the History Channel is featuring The City of the Future compeition. The first round (invited) was held in 3 cities (NYC, Chicago, LA) and the winners of each of those winners are now in competition against each other. Vote here for your favorite until February 2.
ARO:Architecture Research Office New York:


Urban Lab Chicago :

Eric Owen Moss Architects Los Angeles:

I visited Washington, DC this past week and, amongst other fun activites, hit up the Green House Exhibit at the National Building Museum.


National Building Museum
If you have the opportunity to visit this exhibit, I HIGHLY recommend it – it is at once basic and thorough. And if you don’t get a chance to visit by June 3, 2007 then take some time to explore the website – it follows the physical exhibit quite closely.

First, you visit The Glidehouse, a modern pre-fab house designed by architect Michelle Kaufmann. There is a video featuring Michelle discussing The Glidehouse.


The Glidehouse