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I wrote this right after GreenBuild 2007- but life got in the way of me adding pictures and posting sooner. Hopefully I can post more regularly. Check out my summary of the events I attended-

I will leave the Expo summary to Amanda. I was able to attend the opening plenary session with speeches by Rick Fedrizzi, President and CEO of USGBC and former President Bill Clinton amongst others. The choir was large and preaching was vibrant. In order to keep the energy up for the other 364 days a website was launched: GreenBuild365 I also attended six education sessions… (more…)



WHEN: Thursday October 18, 2007 at 7p.m.

Free of Charge and Open to the Public.

WHERE: Billy Wilder Theater at the Hammer Museum

10899 Wilshire Blvd (at Westwood), Los Angeles, CA

About Hammer Conversations

Hammer Conversations is an ongoing series that pairs creative thinkers for engaging discussions on culture, science, and the arts. It is presented by the Hammer Museum.

About Wired LivingHome

WIRED magazine and LivingHomes present the first ever WIRED Home, a showcase of the best in sustainability, technology and design. Designed by acclaimed residential architect, Ray Kappe, and Gold LEED® certified, the house is prefab to reduce cost and waste. Fully automated to allow for simplicity and control, it is filled with the latest in gadgets, gear and appliances, yet still keeps kilowatt usage low. The home’s anticipated energy use is 36 percent more efficient than a conventional residence of a similar size. Wired LivingHome will be open for tours from October 27th to November 11th. For more Information and to purchase tickets, visit:

The WIRED Living Home show house, in Brentwood, CA, will be open to the public for 10 days only, beginning October 27th. Proceeds benefit “green” non- profits: Global Green and Enterprise

I won’t be able to make it, but if YOU do, please drop me a line with your thoughts!


LivingHomes continues momentum, commencing construction on its second major custom project. Through a unique partnership with WIRED Magazine – this exemplary modern home will be rigged with the best modern green living accoutrements and serve as a show house. Drawing on a myriad of sponsors – ranging from BMW Hydrogen to Bosch to Valcucine to HP to Cookie Magazine – the home will feature state-of-the-art goods, blending high tech seamlessly with high design. Slated for completion in late Fall 2007, the WIRED LivingHome will be put on the market and be available for purchase by conscientious consumers and designophiles.


I feel like I’ve been a little out of the loop lately, so I’m going to hit a few high points today.

Chicago has won the U.S. bid for the 2016 Olympic Summer Games. April 22nd Chicago Tribune Arts & Entertainment section has a number of brief opinion pieces regarding the Olympic Arts Festival portion of the bid. On the architecture side of it, Blair Kamin advocates for the city to be a living museum, and by incorporating current/future technologies (podcasts, for example) to highlight our architecture and history through actual interaction with it.


Chicago skyline
Luke Tozer, partner at British architecture firm Pitman Tozer architects, is working on his own little (8′ wide) eco house. Great article at The Independent. Great info on ground source heating.


Geothermal diagram
Read about the progress on Kreuck and Sexton’s Spertus Institute over here. I wrote about this back in October. I’ve been by it in person recently, and it is delightful!


View of Spertus facade, courtesy Lynn Becker.

I’ve recently come across two academic explorations into sustainable housing, one in Chicago: IIT’s Urban House 1 (Green Bean writes about it) and one outside of Austin, Tx Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems (Architecture Week covers it here).


Urban House 1


CMPBS laboratory
I think both of these explorations are critical to making green building more accessible to the general public. I appreciate the efforts in both veins, the research efforts intending to yield practical applications (CMPBS), and the actual implementation of said research in the market (IIT). These are ways for the academic institutions to make a more direct impact on our world, by moving the center of attention outside of the individual designer/architect outward to the community, the environment.

I visited Washington, DC this past week and, amongst other fun activites, hit up the Green House Exhibit at the National Building Museum.


National Building Museum
If you have the opportunity to visit this exhibit, I HIGHLY recommend it – it is at once basic and thorough. And if you don’t get a chance to visit by June 3, 2007 then take some time to explore the website – it follows the physical exhibit quite closely.

First, you visit The Glidehouse, a modern pre-fab house designed by architect Michelle Kaufmann. There is a video featuring Michelle discussing The Glidehouse.


The Glidehouse