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As urban areas are becoming more desirable places to live, more building is occurring to accommodate the needs of new and future residents. As the money/economics allow for the growth, the growth will continue. I wrote here about the economics behind high rise developments.


Rendering, Fordham Spire, Chicago IL

In many locations, the current building boom is the market correcting itself – making up for lost time, when progress and change was unable to happen (sometimes due to over priced land in an undesirable location) for a number of years.


View of model, Atlantic Yards, Brooklyn, NYC


I’ve added some new links to the blog roll, and a new category, Projects – a listing of websites and blogs for green projects of all scales, some of which I cover with some frequency.

Green Building Blocks where you can learn about a wide range of green building products, find green professionals in your area and much more

Perfect City blog where they’re discussing the future of our cities.

Find out the latest architectural news at The Floating Podium

Added under the Projects heading:

WIRED LivingHome

Dumbo NYC, Brooklyn

Atlantic Yards

LivingHomes continues momentum, commencing construction on its second major custom project. Through a unique partnership with WIRED Magazine – this exemplary modern home will be rigged with the best modern green living accoutrements and serve as a show house. Drawing on a myriad of sponsors – ranging from BMW Hydrogen to Bosch to Valcucine to HP to Cookie Magazine – the home will feature state-of-the-art goods, blending high tech seamlessly with high design. Slated for completion in late Fall 2007, the WIRED LivingHome will be put on the market and be available for purchase by conscientious consumers and designophiles.


I’ve been getting more submissions from my readers about green projects they’re working on and events they’re participating in. Please, keep them coming!

Reader Sameera at the UK architecture firm Waugh Thistleton Ltd. let me know about a new London tower which just received planning approval. The fourteen story tower incorporates helical wind turbines into the base. Construction is expected to begin late this summer.


Ramsgate Street, nighttime

Thanks to reader Matthew who wrote me about the Columbus Re-Wired transit IDEAS competition:

International Transit Design Competition

This IDEAS competition is intended to solicit innovative design solutions and dialogue about the possibilities for the role of public transportation in Columbus, OH focusing on the passenger facilities and transit modes that will re-connect citizens, renew neighborhoods and spark economic development.

Columbus Skyline

Columbus, OH skyline

August 17th 2007 – Registration Deadline

August 31st 2007 – Submission Deadline




Check out www.columbusrewired.org/ for more information

I feel like I’ve been a little out of the loop lately, so I’m going to hit a few high points today.

Chicago has won the U.S. bid for the 2016 Olympic Summer Games. April 22nd Chicago Tribune Arts & Entertainment section has a number of brief opinion pieces regarding the Olympic Arts Festival portion of the bid. On the architecture side of it, Blair Kamin advocates for the city to be a living museum, and by incorporating current/future technologies (podcasts, for example) to highlight our architecture and history through actual interaction with it.


Chicago skyline
Luke Tozer, partner at British architecture firm Pitman Tozer architects, is working on his own little (8′ wide) eco house. Great article at The Independent. Great info on ground source heating.


Geothermal diagram
Read about the progress on Kreuck and Sexton’s Spertus Institute over here. I wrote about this back in October. I’ve been by it in person recently, and it is delightful!


View of Spertus facade, courtesy Lynn Becker.