I visited Washington, DC this past week and, amongst other fun activites, hit up the Green House Exhibit at the National Building Museum.


National Building Museum
If you have the opportunity to visit this exhibit, I HIGHLY recommend it – it is at once basic and thorough. And if you don’t get a chance to visit by June 3, 2007 then take some time to explore the website – it follows the physical exhibit quite closely.

First, you visit The Glidehouse, a modern pre-fab house designed by architect Michelle Kaufmann. There is a video featuring Michelle discussing The Glidehouse.


The Glidehouse

The next segment of the exhibit identifies principles of green design:

  1. Optimizing use of the sun
  2. Improving indoor air quality
  3. Using the land responsibly
  4. Creating high-performance and moisture-resistant houses
  5. Wisely using the Earth’s natural resources

Then, an international gallery of built examples, organized by their relative locations – city, suburb, waterside, forest & mountainside, tropics, desert, and anywhere. Additional coverage of these projects can be found here. The book associated with this exhibit, Green House focuses on these projects.

The Green House

The green materials exhibited throughout were well documented and product information can be found here. One of my favorites was EcoResin , manufactured by 3-form
Ecoresin StructureEcoresin Samples