Today I was surprised at a client’s positive response to simple and (in my mind) obvious and sensible solutions (i.e., putting balconies on the south facing (instead of north) elevation so the balcony is always in the sun). I’m sure part of it was because they were “free” ideas, but I think they were identified as having a positive impact on the project. It feels great to have ideas you brought to the table be recognized for their merits.

I stopped into the Art Instiute of Chicago the other weekend to see the Young Chicago Exhibit. Featuring architects and designers the museum hadn’t previously held in their collection, I was familiar with some of the work (John Ronan , UrbanLab) I was particularly excited by Studio Blue grahpic design and Cat Chow fashion design. I’m definitely excited to be living and working in Chicago!

Cat Chow Dress Detail
Detail of a Cat Chow dress – so architectural!